Portal Inside OutEdit

Portal: Inside Out is a Portal (1) Modification where you have to fight your own way to more than 15 Evil levels that are developed by a powerful Malware Virus. There are some secrets in some levels. It will help you to save GLaDOS and destroy the powerful Malware Virus... In some interesting ways that Malware Virus won't know what you're doing.

Portal Inside Out


Game Modification


Portal Inside Out


Faces of Balls
World's Chaos


Faces Of Balls


Source Engine 2007


Microsoft Windows
Macintosh (not confirmed)


Action, Advenure, First-Person Shooter


Single Player


In story mode, you will wake a in an air ventillation room with a bed and a table with a radio, cup and a clipboard. You have to escape from the air ventillation to the test chambers.


Before the development begins of the game titled Portal: Inside Out. Mark Leong made a few concept arts from the scratch. One of the test chambers might be based on the original Portal game, but it will be modified by his team members. Mark Leong likes Portal game.

When the development of Portal: Inside Out begins, the project was set with a few of his team members, but also known as friends. The mod is being developed by [F0B] Company along with a co-operation with World's Chaos Team.

Beside is the basic view of Development Team.

Mark Leong Kim Onn is the founder/leader of [F0B] Company, who made the idea of making Portal: Inside Out.

Nepprai Juynial is the founder of World's Chaos Team.

Lemoness is taking part in Counter-Strike Online Wiki Project, also a popular member of [FOB] Company. Lemoness has been a mapper for a month, but retired from the team and decided to be an Help Assistant.

Jeffrey is the part of the [F0B] Company family. His roles are voice acting and character designing, he is also a schoolmate of Mark Leong.

Forhavu, one of the newest member of the Portal: Inside Out Development Team. He does his best in voice acting and was hired by the Team Leader, Mark Leong. Mark Leong had one of his voice acting samples.

During the development of Portal: Inside Out, Mark Leong and his team members decided to pause the development of his mod. As he wants to revise the basics and the advantages of GoldSource Engine. Mark Leong was so hyper about Union War project. When the development of Union War hits the final phase of beta session or it's close to the release of the mod. He might countinue his very own big mod project, Portal: Inside Out. Mark Leong will still doing concept arts of the mod while he is on duty of the project - Union War.

Before his mod development being paused, he also made a planning of a new sequel - Portal: Inside Out 2. It will be based on the same characters on the sequel, but different enemies and difficult levels. Which is also known as a enhanced modification for the original mod Portal: Inside Out